CMH CONSULTING SERVICES is brand new, we opened our doors in October of 2015 with a simple set of guiding principals we follow to provide success for our clients:

  • We focus only on the Electrical Industry
  • We touch all members of the Value Chain:
    • ​Manufacturers
    • End Users
    • Distributors
    • Sales Representatives
  • ​We have a particular strength in the Lighting Segment, in particular the impact of  the LED revolution and how you can be a part of it.
  • By design, we keep our active client base small to provide personalized and efficient direction and analysis.
  • "Get in and Get Out," too many consultants are like bad family members, they stay too long...not us!
CMH Consulting Services is experienced in many different aspects of your business, from Financial Management to Strategic Planning and everything in between.  But like most firms and people we pride ourselves in particular areas of expertise driven by the accelerated change taking place today in the Electrical Industry:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Accelerated Product Development
  • Product Portfolio Management
  • Sales Leadership and Structure

Our recipe is a simple one and tested by time; create a winning strategy, build a talented organization to implement it and provide that team with creative products that customers want to buy...no "pixie dust," no magic sauce," just well thought out hard work.